Saturday, 21 August 2010

Am I missing something?

OK, I think this image would cause howls of protest...

...while this image might well be illegal as a poster...

but this image is a movie poster we've had to look at for three weeks now:

In any other field this might be suspected as product placement. & why is it assumed that glamorous, wealthy stars waving guns will attract people to see the film? It's bad enough that guns are so high profile in films. The gun = power, strength, solutions; it's as if you don't need to think, all you need is a handgun. A bad message, a dangerous message. But should handguns be visible like this?

Incidentally, I came across the US poster for the film: it's a decent piece of graphic design, sort of late-1950s: there's only one gun and then only as a silhouette.

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