Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This has just surfaced: Ricardo Vidort in the UK in 2004, and it's one of the best I've seen. Dazzling, to be honest. His posture was so amazing, effortlessly upright, and the weight forwards, so he really led from the chest. Then the style of stepping, very emphatic, almost declamatory (if you can have a declamatory way of walking.) He gives the impression of endless invention, with constant changes of directions. And his partner is well able to fly with him: my impression is that she complements his way of dancing very well. It looks great. Much to be learned for us all.

Amidst all the dazzling corridas and turns I couldn't help noticing 2:05 – 2:13: another corrida but to his partner's left side, in double time and in parallel. It looks so easy, doesn't it? & excellent film quality too: a wonderfully clear video. Many thanks, Tangocelebration.


Mari said...

thank you for posting this - what a beautiful find!

Golondrina said...

I thought his partner looked familiar but only saw the name at the end

msHedgehog said...

There's more of Ricardo Vidort with Jill here - different music, different feel, a lovely unity - love the red, too ;)

Tangocommuter said...

@ MsH, yes, uploaded at the same time and by the same person. Thanks for including the link to the 2005 video. I prefer the 2004 one as the video is closer. 2005 was his last summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking this up Tango Commuter. I am delighted this video is beginning to be appreciated so quickly after posting. I have watched it many times and see something new every time.

I filmed it when I was a recent beginner and it opened a different window on Tango for me that has inspired me ever since.

At that time I found it difficult to see into Ricardo's dancing because it was so different from what I had previously seen and been taught at that time. But it chimed with my vision of Tango.

I met Ricardo 3 or 4 times and I found him a very encouraging teacher. I am still learning from him.

If only there was more good video of him available.

I appreciate your description of your perception of his dancing. Declamatory is such a good word for his energy!


Tangocommuter said...

Many thanks for posting them! It's a pleasure to watch tango like this, and the video quality is excellent.

I took just one group class with Ricardo in 2005. I'd been dancing for only five months, and he really made sense to me, and confirmed the energy I got from the music. Since then, this has been tango for me. I'm still trying to learn from him too, and your videos are very helpful. I assume from what you say that you don't have more, but I know for sure that there are more out there, and I hope they'll surface soon.