Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Les Cigales 2010

(I've renamed this...)

I also hear that the monthly Nijmigen milonga might appeal to some and not to others, particularly if the others prefer things a bit more formal, and if a massive tango love-in isn't your kind of thing...

Les Cigales happens from time to time in my favourite part of France. In fact it's happening this year in late May in Toulon: Les Cigales 2010.

Here's a quick translation of the website.

"In the foyer of the Marin of Toulon, this year, during the four days of the Pentecost weekend, our 'milonguero' get together will happen on a real and huge parquet. It's in a residence that is a hotel and a restaurant just a couple of steps from the centre of Toulon. The prices are ranged to make it accessible to as many of us as possible. Near the shore, easy to get to, and with all commodities on site or nearby, what more could you ask for than to find yourself in the sweet Provencal springtime of the Varois shores? The programme ensures meetings, partaking, respect and the best music, with care to offer you always the best quality. And even if you do become exhausted, a massage space will allow you to restore your feet. One of those rare yearly opportunities to meet with friends coming from afar. In short, what happiness!!!


Friday 21 May: Milonga from 21.30 to 2h: DJ melina Sedo
Saturday 22 May: 20 to 21.30h: dinner together. Milonga from 22h to 4h.
Sunday 23: 9.30 to 4am milonga
Monday 24: 15h to 20h: farewell milonga."

There's also an 'apero' for two hours before each milonga: I don't know the word, but I'd guess it's an introductory class, although a DJ is announced for each 'apero'.

All of this can be enjoyed with a four-day pass for €60, or €16 a night for the apero and milonga. Booking online ('Reserver en ligne') essential. It says that a 2 – 3 person room can be booked for around €30 a night, which is very reasonable: €30 a head I'd imagine.

A quick YouTube check for 'Les Cigales' came up with this from last year. Just to get an idea of it.

Looks familiar. Now haven't I posted that before?


Aisling Tango said...

I am sure it will be a perfect week-end - are you going? By the way, Melina is a wonderful DJ, and, together with her partner Detlef, one of my favourite couple of tangodancers. They are also very good teachers, who developed their own system of teaching others to dance with small, musical movements.

Tangocommuter said...

I can't resist! It will be beautiful! But I only discovered it yesterday, so I haven't had time to look into accommodation yet. Must book soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello TC
Apéro is an abbreviation of the word apéritif which means in french drinks before dinner or is this context will be more like a happy hour before the milonga.
Since it is happening in the south of France you can count on some Pastis!

Tangocommuter said...

Hello, GaL, and thanks for clarifying that. Pastis and tango! All the better!

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