Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tete on Tango

The current edition of El Tangauta includes some recollections of Tete, and Sylvia recalls some observations from his notebooks.

"Dancing does not start with steps: the music comes first.

What is tango? Tango is like flirtatious talk (chamuyo) between a couple. It is the constant joy, the sensuality and the sexuality that is always latent between a man and a woman: memory, the memories of friends and of many past nights. Past and present.

What is tango? A mystery where everybody knows everything and nobody knows anything.

What is tango? A passion for music as huge and as immense as our own existence. Without it, our lives would not be complete. I think the magnificence of this music is to be able to know it by being able to surrender (entregarse) with all your body and soul, and to know its infinity and to feel where it leads us to be free and full of passion and love.

Tango: thanks to these five letters we come closer to each other and learn to know each other more."

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