Saturday, 17 October 2009

Biagi, again.

Tango en el Cielo has just added a comment to this post about awareness of space on the floor, as well as a reference to another Biagi video, which I enjoyed a lot. As the reference doesn't translate as a link in the Comments I thought I should add it as a new post.

Thanks to everyone who dug out videos of dance to Biagi. I found it very useful to think about his distinctive, sometimes disconcerting music, and I've enjoyed watching all the different responses to it in dance.

Video thanks to flopytango


Tango en el Cielo said...

I don't know who Ricardo's partner is here (can't see enough of her face to tell if I recognise her) but I like her dancing as well as his. She looks relaxed and natural. She's expressing her feeling for the music through the whole dance, in every move she does. She doesn't need to SHOW us by throwing in artificial and flamboyant adornments. I just found this vid by chance while looking for one of Héctor Cachirulo dancing.

Tangocommuter said...

A serendipitous find! Amazing dancing, without a superfluous move or gesture in sight. I was struck by how neatly they both step: with steps that size they could dance in a crowded milonga and bother no one. Just as water wears rocks down to beautiful smooth pebbles, this is dance with all the edges worn off by generations of experience on crowded dance floors; smooth, graceful and entirely musical.

To me, the most amazing part of the milonguero's sixth sense is knowing precisely where his partners feet are! Ricardo's head is up, he looks straight ahead, but his feet are uncannily precise and unhesitating in finding saccadas, which his partner absorbs into her own dance. Wonderful. Many thanks.