Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Los Ocampo

I've been meaning to get this finished for months. Omar Ocampo and Monica Romero, Los Ocampo, were at Carablanca milonga in late spring. It's just taken a while to process the material.

Los Ocampo are popular here, and their workshops and classes are always well attended. I found them very generous and helpful as teachers, and I like their emphasis on walking well and to the music. They also teach some straightforward material which is useful in dancing in a milonga.

Their shows are something else, often involving a variety of dance forms from Argentina. I don't have much information on the dance or the music: I seem to remember her introducing the first dance, 'Los Ocampo', as a form of Argentine Samba, although it looks a bit like Chacarera. 'Los Ocampo 1' is a milonga. '3' and '4' are closer to tango: '4' must be Piazzolla. They obviously love to dance, and love dancing together, and their shows are always enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Los Ocampo are very popular here. They also have a great sense of humour when giving a lesson.
I wrote about them awhile back and they danced a Zamba, which was quite romantic. They do like their folk dances!

msHedgehog said...

No. 4 is "Oblivion" - Adrian and Amanda Costa do a version (live music) here. I'm sure I know the tune of 3, but not as a tango.