Saturday, 29 August 2009

On feedback

A quick note to say how amazed I am at all that response. First, I'm delighted that Andreas' class and approach provoked so much positive interest, since it is a style of dance I like. I think he has a 'pedagogical method' (to use Gustavo's phrase) that works really well. It isn't perhaps traditional: a teenager learning dance in Buenos Aires in 1940 probably wouldn't need to be told how to maintain good posture. Most of us have worked at desks so long that we need a bit of help. And I found everything he had to say was interesting, to the point and useful.

And this feedback makes even more apparent the value of the internet: we can comment, ask questions, get answers, with a kind of ease that just wasn't possible until recently. All this and watch videos too.

A quick point: I think Andreas called what I wrote a 'review', which seems to suggest 'a reviewer', a distant expert passing judgment, which isn't how I see myself. I make notes for my own benefit on things I've experienced, in order to formulate thoughts and to remember. Even if I write for my own benefit I'm glad to do it in public because I value the feedback.


Anonymous said...

We are all reviewers. Some of us just don't put it in writing. ;-)

Game Cat said...

I found Andreas' class most useful in raising awareness that there is a distinct way of dancing, and articulating it clearly how it works and why. Was it exhaustive? Was there enough time to practice to ensure people physically got it? Of course not, and I never expect any 1-hour pre-milonga class could possibly do so on such a broad topic. People should have realistic expectations.

However now I know first-hand one person I didn't know before who is passionate about something I care about, gives thoughtful answers and can teach it well. And if in the future a longer teaching session within reach is on the cards (e.g. a 2-hour workshop), I would definitely consider it.

As a bonus, if when checking out a milonga I see 'Andreas W' next to the word 'DJ', than I'm very likely going to attend.