Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bandoneóns for sale

Thanks to Jantango for the reference to the article about the shortage of bandoneóns: it is here.

I said that the Arnold family 'continued limited production' after fleeing to the West: in fact they only tuned and sold instruments, so there were no new instruments after 1950. The full article from Todotango is here.

The film, El último bandoneón, is on DVD but not in a PAL version, and so not available in the UK. It is available through the US and could be shipped to the UK, but it's not that cheap. If anyone sees it and recommends it, I'd be glad to hear. If there's good footage of the older generation of dancers, I'd be interested.


Anonymous said...

The DVD of El Ultimo Bandoneon is available in Buenos Aires with subtitles in English, Portugese, Italian and French.

Thanks for writing about it on your blog. I was living in BsAs when the documentary premiered in October 2006, but I missed it while traveling in the USA.

I am going to check my local video rental shop for a copy.

Simba said...

I liked it very much. Like jantango, I was in BsAs when the documentary premiered, but missed it. I was able to get it from Brazil a while ago (with portuguese subtitles ;-) but I see it is available on now.

Not so much dancing, most of that is available on youtube I think (the clip with Javier & Geraldine), but the dancing is not the point of this film as I see it. It is more about the music. Which is in much the same situation as the dance in that the old masters are dying out, but new talents are eager to learn.


Anonymous said...

"A Different Way: Tango with Rodolfo Maderos" is another documentary film about tango and the bandoneon.

A Film & Arts presentation made in 2007. If one is going to help tango's future, young musicians need to be trained. Maderos is doing just that. Program notes say "He is one of the most distinguished personalities in tango. Bandoneonista, composer, and arranger, he is a constant inspiracion for the new generation of musicians. He was born in Buenos Aires, where he has lived all his life and which has always been his muse. This is reflected each time that Maderos plays the bandoneon, whether in a musical ensemble or as soloist."

This half-hour documentary is being shown on the Film & Arts channel in Buenos Aires: Tuesday, April 21 at 2:00pm and 7:00pm; and Wednesday, April 22at 12:00am. The fact that it is titled in English means it has been subtitled for foreign audiences.

Simba said...

There are quite a few films out there that give a good background on the tango culture, I compiled a list of my favorite tango films and where to get them, hope it can be useful.

Tango commuter said...

Great list and useful links too! Many thanks. Didn't know the El Cachafaz 'Tango', and 'Tango Bar' were available.

There are a few others I've come across, but it's a useful list of what is available. The two Fernando E. Solanas films, 'Tangos, Exilio de Gardel' and 'Sur' ought to be available too.

cindy said...

hi tc,
for norteamericanos, I bought a copy of el ultimo bandoneon through here (from a third party vendor), but although the listing was for region 1, the dvd that came is marked zona 4... subtitles in english, french, italian. I imagine it *might* work in my player? but I'm not sure I want to take a chance. if anyone knows, I'd love to hear.

Tango commuter said...

Hi Cindy
If you ordered region 1 and they sent region 4 you could certainly get in touch with Amazon and ask them what's going on. They should send what you order!
Hope you enjoy the film!

cindy said...

hi tc,
yes, the vendor is accepting a return for refund. but it's not clear that there is actually a region 1 version available.... I still hope to see the film. it looks promising.
best wishes!